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The purpose of this organization is to further the professional advancement of the fire service, to ensure and maintain greater protection of life and property from fire, natural and man-made disaster, or other sudden emergencies by bringing together persons interested in preventing, controlling and suppressing fires to discuss ways and means for the betterment of the fire service, and reducing loss of life and property form unfriendly fires; to develop a bond of friendship and understanding among members of the fire service in the six (6) northern counties in Idaho and the state of Idaho.

Our Activities Include

  • Conduct research and studies of major problems affecting the fire service at community or regional levels.


  • Sponsor, promote, organize, and seek funding for educational seminars and conferences that will enhance the training for all agencies within the region at the most cost-effective level per student.

  • Encourage the exchange of ideas, information, knowledge, and experiences in areas affecting the fire service.


  • Encourage and develop public education in fire prevention for the preservation of human life and material resources from destruction by fire. 


  • Cooperate with all organizations to promote programs that further the goals and objectives of the fire service. 


  • Support and encourage the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical services by the fire service to lessen human trauma. 


  • Promote the development of the fire service through a progressive program of education, public relations, and research. 


  • Propose and support sound progressive legislation at all levels of government to assure the advancement and development of the fire service to provide the optimum in the protection of life and property. 


  • Support and encourage the delivery of emergency rescue services in the event of natural or manmade disaster, or another sudden emergency.

Current NIFCA Officers

President -
Chief Thomas Greif
Coeur d'Alene Fire

Vice President–
Deputy Chief
Charlotte Pegoraro
East Side Fire

Treasurer -
Chief Debbie
Spirit Lake Fire

Director at Large –
Deputy Chief
Pete Holley
Kootenai County Fire & Rescue


Secretary -
Chief Scott Dietrich
Shoshone Fire

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